Taylor Allderdice High School Science Research Program

Dr. O'Donnell is partnered with a science outreach program, initiated by Dr. Janet Waldeck at Taylor Allderdice High School, a large ethnically diverse, public school in Pittsburgh. The course, ‘Science Research’, developed by Dr. Waldeck, gives seniors the opportunity to expand beyond the typical high school curriculum and gain cutting-edge research experience at laboratories in the Pittsburgh area.


We are currently mentoring Uthman Fadu on a research project previously pioneered by Tova Finklestein and Hilary Serbin that uses a computational approach developed by the Clark Lab (University of Pittsburgh) to identify potential cargo pairs with the α-arrestins Ldb19, Aly1, and Aly2. Jackson Parr and Josh Pirl, previously mentored through this program, participated in a project to determine the role of ubiquitination in regulating α-arrestin function.



To learn more about this program, click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page and send us an email. 


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